Public School Visit

And no, not the kind where you talk about your profession 😉

I was in NYC for work this past week, and a coworker had to run an errand before heading out to dinner. It was his friends’ studio, so I figured why not? Turns out it was a clothing line I have followed for a bit after discovering online. They work in a collaborative studio that is a shared space with a few other designers, an ad firm, etc. Needless to say I was excited to see how designers that I aspire to function in the city (and how fun it looked!)…. someday… 😉

A sneak peek at their studio…

I love the details they use. As you can see here. Check them out at their site. They also have a great blog.
With subtle military influence, I like that it is more about the craft on the garments. Very cool pieces. It’s so hard to find men’s clothing that is well considered anymore. They were a brand I was watching for this reason, and to have the chance to see behind the scenes…? Made me want to move to New York that much more…


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