Good eats.

One of the things I loved about NYC, was the quality of design when it came to restaurants, and bars. Whether it was the “speak-easy” bar we went to one night where you literally had to have someone know the bartender to get down there, or the fun breakfast spot we wandered in on, it was all fun, and delicious. I loved how thought out the design of the collateral and the spaces were as well, but maybe they were just my style… browns, oranges, simple type…. and nice industrial spaces. Can’t wait to take the boyfriend back fro a few of these!

The Mercer kitchen was a beautiful space under the sidewalks in SoHo… As you can see in the pic below you can see the shoppers walking above. Very cool vibe.

Even the presentation of their shrimp cocktail was beautiful!

Delicatessen was a great breakfast spot. We found it on a side street after getting of the train, and it ended up being a greta place for people watching and a light, surprisingly inexpensive breakfast. Another cool vibe, they even had a giant room downstairs to hang out & work/study. Very hip.

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