So apparently I have a habit of taking pictures of shoes… well my feet i guess. It’s a weird habit I’ve had since I was little, and can’t explain why. Maybe I like the fact that it’s a physical representation of where I’ve been, maybe it’s because I think in color palettes (and I swear some of these shots are my favorite palettes), or maybe because I love shoes… who knows!

I stumbled across a few of these while sorting photos awhile back, and started a folder… wow how many it turned out I had when all was said & done! And that’s just the photos in roughly the last year!

Some were accidents & I just thought they were kind of fun…

Others reflections in dressing rooms…Even Darrin makes appearances!

Sometimes my shoes add to the environment I think.

Sometimes I think I was just bored waiting for someone.

There’s something about reflections…

I even like to mix it up sometimes 😉



One response to “Habit

  1. ooohh i spot my feet in one of them! yay! this is a cool collection of images!

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