The day I accidentally became a dog-sitter.

So anyone who knows anything about me knows I LOVE dogs. Beyond love… and I want one so bad, but have been holding off until our situation to bring a little pup into our lives (as painful as that has been). I grew up with dogs at all times, and have been missing that companionship for a long time now.
So when we were at Barista last weekend we were sitting at the outside table right by the door, which happened to be near the pole that apparently is frequented by dog owners as a tie-up place. As one girl was struggle to tie up her dog, I offered to hold him if she was just going inside & coming right back out… Meet Kodiak the Bernese Mountain Dog/Newfoundland Mix… 10 month old “puppy” too 😉

Shortly after Kodiak & his owner left, up walks another dog owner with the same dilemma. So after talking to him he decided to tie his poodle Astro up next to us. We quickly bonded as well.

He looked and felt like a sheep, it was awesome! Super tight curls for fur… 

He looks like cookies & cream, I loved it!
Needless to say, it was a fun afternoon and I got some good doggie-time which is always nice… only problem is now I want a Kodiak of my own! At least my birthday is coming up soon 😉

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