More pics!

So I was super busy and probably absent-minded a little too during the actual wedding and somehow only got shots of the set up! Here are a few of my favorites that Miss Wendy and Miss Emily snapped though 😉 

Darrin’s menus. I caught him sharpening the sidewalk chalk he was given on a tree trunk for a better tip… oh Darrin… 😉

Andrea and Matt blowing bubbles (everyone forgot t o blow them after the ceremony so we put them to good use during the reception!)
The cutest little girl came over to blow bubbles with Courtney when she saw all of us doing it! She’s going to be such a great mom!

Alisa designed all of the wine labels herself to give the “menu” to guests at the bar. All of the table numbers were wine labels designed by her as well!

The canoe race was on! Brian was a great navigator, I was just along for the ride clearly… Great photo skills by Emily!

Morgan & the guys returning…  she looks pleased to see solid ground, but fabulous as ever!

Bridal party after math… this scene was found in the bottom of the shower in the restroom… needless to say there are bridesmaids somewhere barefoot and happy!

Our bride breaking it down in the breakdance circle!

Us girls on the dance floor. It truly was an incredible night and everything was gorgeous. Congratulations once and again Mr. & Mrs. Jones. I look forward to what’s to come!

2 responses to “More pics!

  1. Great pictures! Thank you again for all your help, you and the crew are amazing friends. Love you.

  2. yay!! It was the most perfect wedding for Jared and Alisa. Couldn't have asked for more. Love the Pocahontas picture! lol.

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