Alisa’s Bachelorette!

So this past Saturday I got the honor of hosting one of my dear friends’ bachelorette parties at our new place. It was the real first debut of our new diggs and I couldn’t wait as I felt it was very fitting of the Sex & the City theme! We made fun fruity drinks, dressed our finest, brought out the cute shoes and had no lack of pink and sparkle!

The giant shoe we put outside so that guests could find the front door on our building. Unfortunately it was stolen before the bride even arrived… but served it’s purpose for the first few guests!

The adorable martini cookies Sara made!

No lack of sparkle here ladies… Even found giant fake diamonds in clear & pink in the floral section of JoAnns!

Champagne Glasses awaiting party guests (and a delicious champagne, peach, raspberry mixture!)

The Bride-to-be’s glass

The whole group before we hit the town! (crouching because we had to set a timer after knocking on neighbor doors to no avail!)

Our bride on our way out to the club

Even Big & Carrie were invited šŸ˜‰

Our Raspberry LemonadeĀ concoctionĀ we came Ā up with… it was a huge hit as you can see! We went through 4 pitchers of it!

The aftermath when we returned home form dancing at 2:30am. One lone cookie, and a whole lot of glitter that is still all over our place. Let’s just say between theĀ copiousĀ amounts of glitter and having to fish a fake diamond out of our garbage disposal two days later… we’ll see if Darrin let’s me take over our place again for a while…
And thanks Em for all of the great documentation, we all know I was running around like crazy and of course didn’t take any photos!

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