Crazy week!

So I have been MIA this week & I apologize! Work has been nuts, we still don’ t have internet at the house (although somehow Darrin’s computer picks up wireless from the restaurant downstairs but mine doesn’t), I’m working on my portfolio for an upcoming interview and I’m prepping for one of my favorite girls’ Bachelorette party this Saturday! Busy busy, eh? All fun stuff though… just leaves little time for blogging/breathing šŸ˜‰

IĀ promiseĀ I’ll be back soon though, and with the fun things I’ve been up to! This weekend we spent a lot of time getting things from our very long list of stuff we need for the house. Luckily it involved a brunch at Bread & Ink out on Hawthorne on the way (my fav!). It was also our first weekend to take the street car down to the farmer’s market & stock our fridge. And Darrin got me this fun little basket to use each week (he enough bought a bunch of theĀ market tokens that we can keep in the pocket in case we don’t have cash!) This little basket however has been a lifesaver: foam handle-grip, flat stable bottom, side supports come out to make it collapsable.
Love it!


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