Em’s present

So I made a “Twilight Series” Book cover for Em for her birthday. I made it to fit the last book so far snugly, just a little room in case the next one gets bigger. I found this fabric at Bolt over on Alberta. They have the best selection of printed fabrics I’ve found for simple projects like this. Also not having to brave the giant craftstore/warehouse helps! 
Loved the big button though, felt very Emily, and included a tiny sparrow charm inside since that’s the symbol that represents all of my groups of close girls to me (as seen in my tattoo). Overall I think it turned out ok, although there are already things I’d change!


One response to “Em’s present

  1. I love it Erin 🙂

    It's perfect, becuase I usually carry my books in a cloth bag since I'm always afraid of hurting the books. And I haven't checked yet, but I'm pretty sure it will also help carry my Harry Potter books! woohoo!

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