Big News!

So it’s official! Today Darrin and I will sign the papers to get our loft together! It’s a great little place down on the edge of the Pearl, just in enough that we can walk everywhere, but still be in a cool older/industrial building and not a high rise. 

I can’t wait to move into it, but am really going to miss my girlies… 😦 It’s been an incredible time living with two of my favorite girls so it’ll be super sad to close this chapter, but also very exciting to open the next. We officially get keys on the 25th of June, so I’m starting to really get excited, and also a little nervous!
Don’t you just love that brick wall?!

2 responses to “Big News!

  1. LOVE the brick wall, and beautiful wood floors!
    I can't wait to visit when you move in. SOOO freaking happy for you two. 🙂

  2. littleredmoleskine

    I knew it! I just knew it. Oh you lucky lucky gal. A brick wall of all things? I'm visiting more often.

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