Darrin Demands bag

So this weekend Darrin realized he had left his favorite little carry-all bag at my place & needed something to carry sunglasses, wallet, sketchbook, etc in to go up to the park. SO he turns to me & goes, “Just make me one really quick?” To which I scoffed for a brief moment, then asked for an old t-shirt. Turns out I had stumbled upon a revisit to a project I had wanted to do a long time ago & never got the chance… as well as a boy with a wealth of materials for my project. Old concert shirt bags. I am always left with all of these great shirts I can’t wear/don’t fit that I love, so why not re-purpose them into something that I can use all the time? 

This was an old shirt of Darrin’s for the band Cursive. It actually didn’t turn out that bad for being a quick little project that was a bit rushed & un-planned!

Finished Bag…

He even wanted to model it for me ever-so-sweetly when it was finished.

He wanted to work on his project too without taking it off…

One of the fun things I love about us working together are the little things like this. His shoe print & my footprint in the sawdust on the living room floor 🙂

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