A little late to post…

So I was working on this project last weekend (as in the  one with Memorial Day), but hadn’t had a chance to get my photos off of my camera yet! So this was just a little project I had been wanting to do for awhile, so got crafty & attacked it. 
I have been loving some of the ruffle stuff I’ve seen online, but loved the idea of making it more geometric. So I took a great linen I found & chopped it up for a fun addition to a little $7 target tank top. Didn’t take long at all, and was incredibly easy. I ended up doing two layers of the ruffle in the end because the original layer just didn’t have enough depth for me… 🙂
It felt incredible to bust out my sewing machine finally! Happy Memorial Day! 


2 responses to “A little late to post…

  1. Hot_On_A_Dime

    That actually isn't my dress or a new machine… ha ha… I figured out how to get my old machine to work, but it's old & only does minimal stuff… dress post is coming soon 😉

  2. So excited to see your dress!

    And congrats on finally getting your sewing machine! HOW FUN!

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