Pixie Dogs, Bubble Machines, Chickens & Flowers!

We started off Sunday by walking Trixie, one of the dogs down at the Pixie Project in the Pearl. She was super sweet & we had a blast! Looks like she already has a home lined up too! Darrin said that even if we tried to adopt one we wouldn’t be able to… I bet I could find one ūüėČ

On Saturday we went over to Barden’s house in SE for a BBQ for Mike’s birthday. They had a chicken coop, a bee hive, a bubble machine AND bocce ball! Crazy right?

The Bubble Machine at the BBQ!

Bocce Ball in full force.

Homemade Ice Cream sandwiches with espresso mixed into the cookie dough! 

Darrin wanted to build a bouquet for me to take in to my desk together. So we picked out all of the flowers I loved & they arranged it for us!
All in all, it was a great weekend to keep us busy & take our minds off of all of the craziness¬†going¬†on at work right now. I just can’t wait for it to be this weekend. This week is really creeping by slowly & I just need it to be over!!!

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