Fun Adventures

So this weekend the boyfriend + I had all Sunday together. We got up early for a client meeting he had down at Urban Grind, then took off into the city. We went down to DogStar + walked a Pixie Project dog (most fun ever!) then we stopped by Cargo in the Pearl because I’ve always walked by + have never gone in. talk about a lot of fun random stuff!

Some fun glass wear + lamps at Cargo.

The Teriyaki Beef at Ohana is the best. Always opt for Mac Salad instead of rice 😉

These chairs at Cargo are all made completely from tires. They don’t appear to use any glue or solvents either. Super cool + surprisingly comfy!

Paper Tuxedo anyone?

I was quite tempted to buy the paper cellphone + glasses… I would have been the coolest kid by the water-cooler.

Giant Cargo elevator… reminded me of the ones you see in old lofts in NYC on movies!

fell in love with these stools… $78 a piece but nice quality… I just need a loft to put them in first!

Some super great metal letters. Unfortunately there was slim-pickin’s for letters. All you could spell anymore was WIG OUT as you see here. Very creative people before us 😉
All in all it was a great end to the weekend, just wish Monday would have been the weekend too! At least we are over halfway to the weekend already though! Where did this week go? I know I’m excited for the sunny forecast for the weekend either way… 85 on Sunday?! That’s Sauvie Island sun bathing weather 😉

2 responses to “Fun Adventures

  1. Hot_On_A_Dime

    Yeah I always had walked by there forever & never had the chance to stumble in. I'm definitely in trouble now that I have found it though!

  2. Little Red Moleskine

    I absolutely love Cargo! They used to be a tiny basement shop on 23rd, when I was in highschool and I freaked out when I went back years later and they’d seemingly disappeared. I nearly pee’d myself when my almost magnetic attraction to their hanging outdoor lanterns lead to the discovery of their GIANT wearhouse. I bought this orange glass vase/perpetually empty jar from the glass window when I went with Kat a couple summers ago:

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