Fun Adventures

So this weekend the boyfriend + I had all Sunday together. We got up early for a client meeting he had down at Urban Grind, then took off into the city. We went down to DogStar + walked a Pixie Project dog (most fun ever!) then we stopped by Cargo in the Pearl because I’ve always walked by + have never gone in. talk about a lot of fun random stuff!

Some fun glass wear + lamps at Cargo.

The Teriyaki Beef at Ohana is the best. Always opt for Mac Salad instead of rice ūüėČ

These chairs at Cargo are all made completely from tires. They don’t appear to use any glue or¬†solvents¬†either. Super cool + surprisingly comfy!

Paper Tuxedo anyone?

I was quite tempted to buy the paper cellphone + glasses… I would have been the coolest kid by the¬†water-cooler.

Giant Cargo elevator… reminded me of the ones you see in old lofts in NYC on movies!

fell in love with these stools… $78 a¬†piece¬†but nice quality… I just need a loft to put them in first!

Some super great metal letters. Unfortunately there was slim-pickin’s for letters. All you could spell anymore was WIG OUT as you see here. Very creative people before us ūüėČ
All in all it was a great end to the weekend, just wish Monday would have been the weekend too! At least we are over halfway to the weekend already though! Where did this week go? I know I’m excited for the sunny forecast for the weekend¬†either¬†way… 85 on Sunday?! That’s Sauvie Island sun bathing weather ūüėČ

2 responses to “Fun Adventures

  1. Hot_On_A_Dime

    Yeah I always had walked by there forever & never had the chance to stumble in. I'm definitely in trouble now that I have found it though!

  2. Little Red Moleskine

    I absolutely love Cargo! They used to be a tiny basement shop on 23rd, when I was in highschool and I freaked out when I went back years later and they’d seemingly disappeared. I nearly pee’d myself when my almost magnetic attraction to their hanging outdoor lanterns lead to the discovery of their GIANT wearhouse. I bought this orange glass vase/perpetually empty jar from the glass window when I went with Kat a couple summers ago:

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