The little things in life…

I’m unusually excited this morning + can’t stop thinking about this picture I took awhile back. Random, but I love it. Do you ever stop + go back because you saw a snapshot as you were walking + wanted another look? I almost got hit by a Prius pulling into a parking spot on Sunday because I started walking backwards to get a re-glimpse of a reflection in a store window & I couldn’t hear it pulling in behind me! They’re so damn quiet!

Other little things I love on days like this:
_The blinding reflection of the sun on the rain drenched ground (feels so fresh!)
_Coming up with an idea that my boss loves so much she  shares it with others
_The feeling I get after conquering my spin + sculpt class
_Coming in to work to find a coffee on my desk from my super sweet boyfriend
_The feeling of walking across a room in high heels
_Knowing my new fashion books just shipped out + are on their way!
Enjoy the sunny day if you are in Portland! ❤


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